No matter how popular you are or how much money you have, one wrong investment or a nasty divorce can make you as broke as you were when you were starting out. Celebrities fall down and get back up on a daily basis. With the following ten people you’ll see just how easy it is for the mighty to have fallen, this time money-wise. Here’s the list of the top ten most surprisingly broke celebrities you had no idea about!

Lena Headey

Lena Headey is most known for her role in the megapopular TV show “Game of Thrones”, but what you didn’t know about her is that she went through a divorce lawsuit and also a legal battle that determined the custody of her children three years ago. It all left her with “less than $5” in her bank account.

Brendan Fraser

Legendary actor Brendan Fraser hurt his spine while he was attempting to free a person under a fallen tree during Hurricane Sandy which left him unable to act for a long time. Additionally, he is also legally obliged to pay $900,000 of the yearly alimony payment to his ex. It all led to the actor experiencing poverty in 2014.

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