Life is full of uncertainties and even the best laid plans can sometimes come crashing down. Insurance is one of the ways society tries to prepare for the unexpected. Most people have life insurance and medical insurance, but there are plenty of other insurance options available for those who sense different kinds of threats to their well-being. As the scope of our reality broadens, the type of insurance policies available are also gradually increasing. This list contains 10 strange and unusual insurance policies that you can actually purchase.

Improbable Insurance

This kind of insurance is given out by companies such as Lloyd’s of London. You can actually insure yourself against improbable events and this is mostly done when you are expecting a child. This policy actually helps you manage your financial situation if you end up having a lot more children than you expected.

Immaculate Conception Insurance

There are some sisters out there who are willing to pay premiums on a policy that will cover the cost of an immaculate conception, just in case the second coming of Jesus Christ actually happens. If you can prove that you have been impregnated by god and you are carrying his son, then chances are your birth is going to be relatively inexpensive.

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