God can often be a controversial topic. Many people have different beliefs when it comes to God and religion. There are some people that believe that there are numerous Gods. There are some people that only believe there is one single God. Then there are the people that don’t believe in any God at all. In an attempt to quell the questions of God, many people have come up with theories on God and who or what he is, or who they are. Here are some of those strange perceptions of God.


Most people might say a Suitheist is just someone that is stuck on themselves, but they are actually a person that worships themselves, and believes that they themselves are actually a God. However strange as it may be, they also have no problem with the fact that there may also be other Gods in existence. To make it sound less snobbish, Sutheism is a belief that divinity is within each person.


In Monolatry, the people believe that there is more than one God, but only worship one. They understand that there are many Gods, but they only see one as being worthy of worship. This is a common religious practice in African, Pacific, and Tribal American cultures.

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