Throughout the years, some of history’s greatest artists, including painters, sculptors, and writers, have spend innumerable hours toiling away within the confines of their workshops and homes in an effort to create iconic art that we’re all familiar with today. The majority of these pieces of artwork are now locked away in museums or private collections, though some were not so lucky. Sadly, art thievery is a very real crime. Here are ten stolen pieces of art no one ever found.

The Davidoff-Morini Stradivarius

The Davidoff-Morini Stradivarius is the crowning jewel of instruments. There are only around 650 in the world today, but this one went missing in October of 1995. The instrument costs around $3 million, and once belonged to renowned violinist Erica Morini.

“View Of The Sea At Scheveningen” By Vincent Van Gogh

The “View Of The Sea At Scheveningen” By Vincent Van Gogh was stolen on December 7, 2002. Two men climbed in through the Van Gogh Museum, stealing two paintings. The combined value of both was around $30 million.

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