Pulling an all-nighter may seem easy enough at first, but as the night goes on, your emotions will drastically change. Maybe they will change even more so than during the daytime hours. While not recommended to do all the time, sometimes it is important to pull an all-nighter. Whether you are working on a project, hanging out with friends, or doing it because you can, here are the 10 stages you will most likely experience during the night.

The Optimistic Stage

The night is young and so are you! You believe that you can make it through the night without any problems whatsoever. In fact, you might even think you won’t be tired by the end of it. This is only the beginning.

The Productive Stage

There will come a moment in the night where all of your best ideas will come to you. Perhaps you are working on a school research paper and have just come up with the best introduction. Maybe you’ve finally come up with a million dollar invention. Whatever happens, you will find yourself making progress on some sort of project, be it professional or personal.

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