Simply reading or saying aloud the word “fart” tends to invoke laughter in all but the most mature of individuals – whether you’re an actual child or not. Despite being so hilarious and often times gross, farts are a normal bodily function that no one can suppress fully. Sure, it can be especially terrifying when you’re unsure whether it is just a fart or something more, or perhaps when you’re out on a first date and a silent one seeps through. There is no escape, though, simply embrace the situation and the gaseous nature of your human meat-bag. Here are ten gassy facts about farting you should share.


The word fart was considered to be quite vulgar for the longest time – and still is in some locations. In reality, it comes from the noble Old English word of “feortan,” which means “break wind.”

Ancient Fart

Both the Ancient Greeks and Romans were quite open-minded when it came to farting. Hippocrates, the father of all medicine, considered it to be entirely necessary to your well-being.

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