It is easy to tell by the number of bars in a college town that those over the age of twenty-one absolutely love to drink as much as they can possibly get their hands on. Everything from beer to vodka is up for grabs to most young adults these days. Many college students spend their days plastered beyond belief. We certainly love our alcohol, and many people have their own favorite cocktails to enjoy. However, there are some truly ingenious and shocking concoctions out there, with various items mixed in the alcohol. Here are ten shots to see how much you love alcohol.

Prairie Fire

The Prairie Fire is completed by mixing one part of tequila or whiskey with a bit of Tabasco hot sauce, then a bit of pepper on the top. Basically, the drink is going to set your mouth on fire, and then your throat, too. You’ll want glasses of water nearby.

Liquid Steak

Liquid Steak is one part rum – which you can use just about any type for – and one part Worchestershire sauce, which already sounds like a truly disgusting combination. It is supposed to taste like a steak, but we’re sure that isn’t true.

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