Dating has the common misconception of being incredibly difficult. It’s not hard to make friends with people, get to know connections, and perhaps ask some people out on a date. However, for those that are too shy to ask in person, there are apps on people’s phones that will be the icebreaker. Tinder is one of those apps that matches people based on what they put on their profile. However, that doesn’t mean all connections are great. Here are some examples of dates and connections that went horribly bad with rude, obsessed, and uncommitted people.

Froyo Desperation

BYU students participated in an experiment on Tinder that used fake pictures of attractive women on profiles with little to no information on them. They invited around 250 male matches to a frozen yogurt shop at the same time, and about 70 men showed up. Imagine their surprise when it was a sausagefest.

Brilliant Art

Anna Gensler has had multiple Tinder matches that ended up just being weird, creepy dudes. Instead of sulking, she grabbed a pencil and drew them ugly and naked while having them say the weird things they told her.

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