November is Movember, which is the now annual movement encouraging men to grow some facial hair in order to draw attention to a number of diseases that strike men such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and lack of physical activity. While most people have taken this as a month in which you are supposed to grow a mustache, there are plenty of people who feel that a mustache just isn’t the same unless it’s attached to a beard. Building on this, we realized there is probably a plethora of things you never knew about beards. We wanted to make sure your ignorance of this kind of facial hair is wiped out quickly and cleanly. Check out our list of 10 shocking things you didn’t know about beards and walk away better informed.

Touching a Man’s Beard Mean’s It’s Clobbering Time

In the middle ages, touching another man’s beard was enough to force a duel. This is because a man’s beard was linked to manliness and if another man had the guts to touch that beard, it meant they didn’t respect the other’s manliness.

Beard Protect from Allergens

Beards actually serve a purpose beyond being symbolic. Studies have shown beards can actually protect their wearers from pollens and other allergens. Those same studies show the thicker the beard, the more protection. Ask yourself if you’ve ever seen one of the guys from Duck Dynasty sneeze? No, the answer is no.

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