These days, we hear a lot of terms thrown around like “fat shaming” and “body shaming.” And because those terms are being thrown around so liberally, there are people on the other end of them. This is why getting thin has never been so popular. The problem is that there are a ton of people who are looking for ridiculous ways to get thin without putting in the work of actually adjusting their diets and working out. Extreme ways of getting thin aren’t all that new, 20 years ago the term Heroin chic was very much in style. These days though, there are all kinds of horrible ways lose weight. Check out our list of 10 shocking things people do to try and stay thin.

Cotton Ball Diet

In the ‘cotton ball challenge’, people soak cotton in water or juice and then eat it. The theory is that the body will think the person has eaten a big meal and they won’t be hungry. The problem is that cotton isn’t that easy to digest at high levels and can even burst the stomach or intestines.

A Patch On The Tongue

Sewing a patch onto the tongue doesn’t sound real pleasant. Turns out it’s not pleasant at all. The concept is to have the patch sewed onto someone’s tongue so that it hurts to eat solid food for the life of the patch. Going on liquid diet will help you lose weight sure, but this is still extreme.

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