We may not have found a way to be invisible yet, but there’s a few handy tricks some of us have up our sleeves that can go a long way in being better than others. What may shock you is the fact that there’s a portion of the humanity that possesses some rare gifts or as one may call it, superpowers. We’ve searched long and hard and found the ten most shocking ones. Are you one of the rare few?


Around a quarter of the human population are supertasters. It’s actually the ability to taste flavors stronger. It happens as some people have more taste buds and are therefore more sensitive to flavor. More likely to be a supertasters are women and people from Asia, Africa, and South America.

Golden Blood

Rh-null type of blood was nicknamed the “Golden Blood” after scientists realized only 40 people in the last half a decade had this type of blood. It is the rarest and most precious blood type on Earth. Apart from being universal donors for all the other blood type, Rh-null people are currently sought after from the likes of scientists and researchers. Apparently there’s only nine of them alive right now.

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