Love sucks. We have all been unwanted at least once in our lives. Rejection is a fact of life, some people we don’t like will like us, and some people we like won’t either. We’ve probably had our hearts broken a few times, but life goes on. However some jilted lovers find coping more difficult. Some people resort to extreme measures to get back at their lovers. You know how the famous saying goes, ‘hell hath no fury to a woman scorned’ — or in a politically correct way of saying it, ‘hell hath no fury to a man or woman scorned’. From defacing cars to creating an art masterpiece, here are 10 stories of jilted lovers and what they did to their exes.

Angry Ex Keys in “WORE” Into Her Former Friend’s Car

When Shannon Csapilla of Connecticut found out that her man has been cheating on her supposed girlfriend, she decided to vandalize both her ex’s and former friend’s cars, punctured the tires and keyed the correctly misspelled word ‘WORE’ into the hoods. She was subsequently arrested and was released after paying the $10,000 bond.

Man Creates Rubik’s Cube Art to Show his Affection for Crush, Gets Rejected

Tong Aonan from China had a crush on a woman. To show his love, he created a portrait of his crush’s face by solving 840 Rubik’s Cubes, a giant work of art 8.5×4 ft. Although she was immensely moved by the gesture and accepted the gift, she rejected his declaration of love but Aonan said he had no hard feelings.

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