The Face on the Milk Carton is a book by Caroline B. Cooney and tells a horrifying story about a 15-year-old Janie Johnson who lives a normal, regular teenage life until she opens the fridge and sees her face on the milk carton listed as a missing child. Her life crumbles before her after the very foundation of who she is and who her parents are completely falls apart and she learns she was kidnapped. Unfortunately, the book isn’t the only case of people waking up one day and finding out they’ve been kidnapped. We’ve gathered ten terrifying cases of people who discovered they were kidnapped in our list below.

David Amaya

In 1978, David Amaya was taken away from his mother by his father so he can go live with his paternal grandparents in Mexico. He was raised by them and never knew of his mother. On the other side of the US, David’s mother was looking for him and filing missing reports but always got blocked from doing so because David was outside the country. After thirty-four years, when David tried to illegally cross the border from Mexico to California, he was arrested but after finding out he was an American citizen the authorities reconnected him back with his mother.

Richard Wayne Landers Jr.

After Richard Wayne Landers Jr. was born, he lived in his grandparents’ home in Wolcottville, Indiana. After a nasty fight with Richard’s mother, the grandparents decided to leave the country, take a new name and basically kidnap Richard. The police found him many years later when they randomly found a person with a same social security number but a different name.

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