Fundamentalist religion tends to have a somewhat of an unsexy reputation thanks to things such as abstinence rings and very strong ‘no contraception’ propaganda coming from the Vatican. So it can be very sobering to find out that holy books like the Bible, Quran and Hindu scriptures are all filled with very erotic moments and detailed descriptions. Although religions all hold very prudish reputations, the holy books they are based on are not prudish at all. Here’s the most surprisingly frank sex scenes from the holy books.

Absalom’s Very Public Sex

Absalom was the son of King David and Maachah and he was known as the most handsome of all men in Israel. On top of that, he also had charisma and he was able to get people to stand behind him in the act of rebellion against his father. The uprising, however, or better said how Absalom asserted his control, is what is the most interesting part of the story. In front of the whole city, he took his father’s concubines onto the palace roof and had sex with them. In 2 Samuel 16:21–22, we’re told how Absalom goes to set up a tent on the palace roof and “slept with his father’s concubines in the sight of all Israel.

A Rich Woman Locks Her Slave Up For Sexual Favours

The biblical story of Joseph, the man who was almost killed by his family for wearing a Technicolor dreamcoat and singing a lot of award-winning songs is known to everyone. The Quranic version is almost the same except for the tiny detail. When Yusuf gets sold into slavery he is bought by a rich lady who wants to make him into her lover. In Yusuf verse 23, the woman waits to be alone in the house before locking the door and demanding Yusuf to seduce her. Yusuf’s good looks make the woman lose her mind more than once, and even overwhelm the guest of the woman’s so much they cut their own hands.

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