Movies posters serve a variety of purposes and are an important marketing tool in the film industry. They attract the attention of audiences and try to excite them so that they will want to see the motion picture, while also giving anyone looking at the poster a good idea of what the movie is about. Generally, they will utilize an iconic scene from the film that sums up the feeling of the entire experience in one image.

In other cases though, posters will not be representative of the movie they are advertising. Whether this is because filmmakers were intentionally trying to mislead the public or because the poster was created by an outside firm unconnected with the actual studio, there have been a large number of posters that bear no resemblance to the subject matter they are covering.

Night Train To Terror

It would not be unreasonable to think that Night Train To Terror was a horror movie set on a train. After all, the title mentions the word train and the poster depicts a bloody knife on railroad tracks. The truth however, is that the film only uses the train as a framing device as God and Satan discuss three separate stories that are totally unconnected, which take place far away from the train.

The Secret of NIMH

From the look of the poster, you’d be forgiven for thinking that The Secret of NIMH is family orientated animated adventure in the same mold as Disney cartoons. However, it is actually a film version of a book that focuses on the genetic testing carried out by the National Institute of Mental Health on the rat characters, with many of them facing gruesome deaths. It is a far darker experience that the poster ever made out.

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