Game shows have become one of the most popular forms of television ever since they were first broadcast in the 1940’s. They are cheap to make, can be filmed very quickly while their competitive and fun nature make them a big hit with audiences who can play along at home. These types of TV programs though are also susceptible to scandals that most others shows cannot get involved. Cash prizes and big rewards provide plenty of incentive for contestants to get unfair advantages and this has led to some people cheating in order to ensure that they win, tarnishing the image of game shows and causing huge controversy.

Million Dollar Drop

The very first episode of Million Dollar Drop caused a scandal. The Fox game show had gotten the answer to a question about whether the Walkman or post-it notes had gone on sale first wrong, losing the couple $800,000. Initially, they refused to give them back the money or even admit that they had made a mistake. Eventually they agreed to invite them back on the show though it was cancelled before they got that chance.

Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?

The entire premise of Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire? Caused controversy from the moment it was announced. It saw 50 women competing to win the chance of marrying a millionaire, something which many saw as demeaning to the very institution of marriage and not something that should be televised.

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