Let’s face is, sex is weird. Sometimes the question of just how weird sex is arises, and the answer is – deeply. If you’ve read any erotic literature or watched any pornographic movies, you will know there are kinks so deeply disturbing it takes you days to recover after finding out about them. Despite the human race having sex, well, forever, there is still new and bizarre things people figure out each day that may or may not become mainstream. Just like anything else, sex has its fashions too. Even if you are an expert on sex, these top ten facts will surprise you.

Rich Men Are Better In Bed

It has been kind of established poor do it better. It’s probably the literature that got us thinking that – the novels always talking about rich ladies hooking up with their employees. It’s considered the working class knows how to get it down and dirty better than anyone else. However, scientists claim that’s a cliché. British researchers did a study to determine the connection between female pleasure and partner’s wealth. It turns out the wealthier the man, the more orgasms women had. According to them, by choosing a richer man, women are rewarded with better and more frequent orgasms.

Sperm Contain Huge Amounts Of Information

Studies have shown that each piece sperm contains around 37.5 MB worth of data that’s carried in its DNA. If you think about it, that’s not that small amount of data for one single sperm. If you count all of the sperms that are swimming in a man’s testicles, men are actually supercomputers. Each time a man ejaculates he transfers around 1,500 terabytes. That’s more data than what you can find in hard drives of a thousand desktop computers.

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