Our beautiful earth is covered with water. In fact, more than 60% of our planet is made up of vast deep blue oceans. It’s easy to forget just how amazing these bodies of water can be, when we primarily just see the surface. Underneath this mysterious blue covering a whole new world awaits. The deeper you go, the crazier it gets down there. You may think that you know everything about the oceans depths, but there are some pretty remarkable things that may shock you. Below are 10 deep sea secrets that you probably didn’t know about.

Deep Ocean Octopus

This creepy creature is believed to have originated in Antartica. 20 million years ago, the species migrated away from that area due to the cold temperatures. Many deep sea species lost their squid ink through evolution, due to the darkness of the depths providing the perfect amount of camouflage.


Brittlestar City

This would be quite the sight to stumble upon. All along the Macquarie Ridge colonies of brittlestars have started to form. These distant relatives of the starfish have taken over the 870-mile-long mountain range, that ranges from New Zealand towards the Antarctic Circle.

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