We all know that when we get up and go to work in the morning, there is a chance we won’t have that job when we come home at the end of the day. Despite that fact there are still some reasons that would rightfully shock us if they caused us to lose our jobs. There are some reasons we would also find quite hilarious if we knew they happened to someone else. Sometimes we’re actually asking for it when we show up to our jobs in certain states of mind. If all of this is posing too much of a puzzle for you, have no fear we’ve put them in a helpful list. Check out 10 of the most heinous and unintentionally hilarious reasons people were fired from their jobs and then let us know what you think.

Taking Love of Donuts Too Far

We said this article was about people losing their jobs, but this story is just a little too good. Renzo was a police dog for four years before he lost his position. During a stop at a Dunkin Donuts shop, Renzo got away from his handler and shot after a worker. The worker was able to see the dog coming and mostly get into the car before the dog could reach him. The dog still managed to bite the worker four times before he got away. For this infraction, Renzo was pulled off police force.

Counterfeiting Money on the Office Copier

Terry Chapman, a school janitor hatched a plan he likely thought was foolproof, where he would make counterfeit money using his school’s copier. The problem was that the counterfeit cash wasn’t very believable. Thanks to using the school copier he not only got arrested but lost his job as well.

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