Within the world of Hollywood – and, really, anyone famous at all – a sex tape is the one thing that can either give your career a boost that it needs or kill it off completely. A lot of famous individuals have had their sex tapes released without their knowledge at first, and then their agents and publicists tend to try and work with whoever they possibly can to ensure everything is covered up and goes quiet as quickly as possible. Rappers, however, don’t generally mind when a sex tape is released, but it still affects them differently. Here are ten well known rappers who had tapes, either rumored or released.


Dorrough, the Dallas rapper, was preparing to launch his second worldwide album, Get Big, back in 2010 when his cell phone was stolen. Footage on said phone was of a sexual nature, and it ended up being released to the world. The young rapper acknowledged the footage.


Way back in 2005, Eve had a sex tape with Stevie J. The former Ruff Ryders woman had the FBI involved after the sex tape was leaked to the world. In 2012, she spoke on the subject, saying she had no idea who was involved and wouldn’t name anyone if she did.

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