It is true that science is continually developing. There are new things being learned every single day, and new places being discovered. It almost seems sometimes that it is impossible to keep up with, and that may very well be true. Over the course of history, there have been many scientific theories that were labeled as “facts” and then ended up being proven wrong. This just goes to show that this ever-changing world will always have new things to show humankind. This list is a compilation of ten scientific “facts” that weren’t actually true.

Sunflowers Follow The Sun

It isn’t true that sunflowers follow the sun across the sky. They actually point East all day. The reason for this is that the plant buds follow the sun to make sure the flowers are set in the right direction.

Gum Takes Seven Years To Digest

People are often told as children not to swallow their gum, because it takes seven years to digest. However, the truth of the matter is that gum is just as digestible as insoluble fiber, which means that it will digest at the same rate as anything else you eat that day.

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