Even before the Internet was around to spread rumors faster than most people could keep up, there were certain things that “everybody knew” about the world we lived in . Despite the fact that there was very little evidence to back these facts up, people were often ridiculed if they didn’t fall in line and believe these tropes. The fact of the matter is the items on this list are those that aren’t actually true at all. Check out our list of the 10 science ‘facts’ that are shockingly false and let us know what you think.

Chameleons Change Color To Blend In With Surroundings

Chameleons actually change color based on their mood, not as a reason to blend into their surroundings. Their camouflage is actually already pretty perfect with their natural coloring.

Bats Are Basically Blind

We all learned in grade school that bats use sonar and echolocation because they’re basically blind. What you probably don’t know is that bats actually have very good senses and generally only use echolocation in cooperation with their regular eyesight when they are hunting.

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