Scholarships, as most college students know, are a beautiful thing. The current prices of most colleges and universities can make attending and paying for school seem almost impossible, and knowing that scholarships are available is a huge light at the end of the tunnel for many people. There are a massive number of different types of scholarships out there, and some are stranger than others. This list compiles ten of the strangest scholarships in the world.

Excellence In Predicting The Future Award

It sounds like the perfect award for a psychic, but it’s actually just a clever play on words. Basically, this award is for students studying economics, who are good at predicting the financial market.

Common Knowledge Scholarships

Basically, these people just like to give away money for fun. This scholarship is perfect for people who know a lot of random information. You’re just asked a few random questions, and then you’re awarded anywhere from $300-$1000.

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