When money isn’t an issue, people go and splurge on things without even asking for the price. The things the rich like range from electronic gadgets to cars and boats to random toys that serve no purpose whatsoever. Some of these toys are so bizarrely future-like that they belong in sci fi movies more than they belong in the actual apartments. If you can afford the steep prices, you can be the proud owner of some of the most absurd stuff in the world. We’ve gathered the most ridiculously expensive toys for those who are bathing in money in our list below.

Robotic Bartender

For the teeny tiny price of $25,000 you can be the owner of the robotic bartender that will serve you over 600 different types drinks and also comes with a touch screen interface.

Gotham Golf Cart

If you’re rich and a fan of Batman, you may want to invest in your own Gotham golf cart. The price? $28,500. It’s perfect for pretending you’re Batman while you’re playing gold and can go as fast as 38 miles per hour.

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