Smartphones have become a huge part of everyday life. The last ten years has seen an explosion in their use and they now dominate the lives of millions of people around the world, providing a huge variety of services largely thanks to the wide range of apps that are available to download. Many of these applications are free and help us to carry out all kinds of tasks but some take after the smartphones themselves by being incredibly expensive. While some people might be willing to pay a few dollars for an essential app, the ones features in this article are stupidly priced and usually do something that hundreds of free apps can also replicate.

White Diamond

The White Diamond app, which is available exclusively on the Google Play Store, is essentially just a way to show off how much money you have. The Android app does nothing other than display a white diamond on screen and tell the world that you have been able to pay out $140 for a pointless piece of software.

Boffo Fun Time Game

Boffo Fun Time Game is an application that lets players play a collection of four different games, with one of the better being Clown Bop. In this mini game you have to punch a clown themed punching bag as many times as possible in an allotted time. What makes this app even stranger is that it costs $300 when there are thousands of similar alternatives that are freely available.

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