There are some truly optimistic individuals out there who view everything as the sunny side and think that nothing will go wrong. Well, those people tend to be rather wrong, unfortunately, as sometimes things just don’t go well for anyone in the world, and that is completely fine. Sometimes it is something completely arbitrary that makes you stop and think to yourself how sad the world truly is. Sometimes we need a wake-up call to open our eyes. Here are ten ridiculous facts that may just make you a little bit depressed.


Receiving the silver medal in the Olympics is said to make those who do obtain it feel even worse than those who receive the bronze medal. This is because receiving the silver means they were so close to achieving the gold.

Lonely Whales

Scientists have thought they have managed to discover the loneliest whale in the entire world due to the strange frequency it sings at. These scientists have not actually found the whale, but only heard the song being sung.

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