The modern age means that schools now have an important role to play not just in educating children but also in keeping them safe and ensuring they don’t suffer any physical or emotional harm. This requires a delicate balance between enforcing the rules that they have created and using common sense to ensure that they don’t overreact to something a child has done that may be against the regulations. Especially when you consider that most children won’t have purposely broken the rules. Unfortunately, some of these schools failed spectacularly to use their judgement when one of their students made a mistake.

Growing Hair For Cancer Charity

When J.T. Gaskin, a survivor of leukemia himself, found out that one of his friends had been diagnosed with cancer, he decided to do something to help out those with the disease. The student began to grow his hair in an attempt to create a 10-inch ponytail which could then be donated to Locks of Love to help those who have lost their own hair due to cancer treatment. His school didn’t take kindly to this charitable effort though and suspended him as the hair was deemed too long by their uniform policy.

Bringing Oregano Into School

Oregano is a herb that is often used in seasoning. However, it also somewhat resembles marijuana and this has led to some students getting into trouble for having it in their possession while at school. This was exactly what happened when a 14-year-old brought the herb into the facility. Administrators then gave the kid a 55-day suspension for violating drug policies.

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