With the economy perpetually getting worse for the average person, its good to see that the rich are able to afford their lavish lifestyle and then some. This is a list of ten of the most ridiculous purchases made by people with too much money. Whether their financial success is deserved or not is not for any to judge bar the ones supporting their extravagant lifestyle. Fortunately, their decisions certainly leave us with something to talk about and aspire to, leaving us all hopeful that one day we will be able to afford a house for our family and assist our parents with retirement.


Elton John decided that he needed more bedrooms and bathrooms than he has friends in his new house. So he spent $33 million on a house in Beverly Hills with 7 bathrooms and bedrooms, 12 half bathrooms and 9 fireplaces.


We all know how expensive pure bred puppies can be, but when Paris Hilton purchased two Pomeranians for $25,000, it sure sets a high bar. Expect to see them in her handbag once – or maybe twice – before she gets bored of them; as she does with the other 8 dogs that she owns.

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