Reality television, believe it or not, is never actually real. In fact, the majority of people you see on television are nothing more than paid actors who are told to hype up the drama a little bit. Many of these people may not have started out as actors, but after a couple of episodes, they certainly left with a big paycheck and some resume experience in Hollywood. A lot of times, the network in question tends to deliver some sort of hype and drama, but it is all a hoax. Here are ten we all fell for.

Breaking Amish

TLC certainly hopes to get everyone interested with their Breaking Amish series, but despite the unfortunate name, the show isn’t too horrible. However, it is a complete hoax. Five “Amish” and “Mennonite” men and women explore the big city of New York City. These young people were, in fact, Amish, but left so long ago it doesn’t even matter anymore.

Storage Wars’ ‘Yup’ Guy

The man who see on Storage Wars constantly screaming out “Yup” as if it would help him win something good, was all completely staged. Apparently, the network paid this man a lot more money to ramp up the drama. The showrunners even paid some of the crews to make the bidding wars bigger.

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