Most people will tell you to never ever get your face tattooed if you intend to obtain any type of a career, but some people just don’t care or have already made enough money where they can truly do what they want. Rappers, for example, truly don’t care what other people think of them, and they don’t hesitate to spend their money on something they want or like. Face tattoos, for example, are something these individuals tend to wear with pride. Here are ten rappers who went above and beyond and got their faces tattooed.

Rick Ross

Most people know of Rick Ross because he was such a big individual for the longest time. Now, however, with most of that weight gone, you can really see all of the tattoos on his face, including the one under his lip that reads “Rich Forever.”

The Game

The Game, a notorious rapper and gang member, has had a logo for Los Angeles tatted on his right cheek for the longest period of time. The tattoo is a bit faded now, but was once quite bright and vibrant – as it was colored red.

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