It seems like a great idea, right? After a night out when you realize the dating pool is just getting less fun and more exhausting, you call up a friend for a casual hook up. No strings, no attachments, no worries – sounds perfect! Sadly, though, the whole friends with benefits deal can have just as many problems as dating. While there is plenty to recommend the act of messing around with a pal, there is just as much to discourage the practice. Here is a list of five upsides and five downsides to using a friend for sex.

Communication – Pro

As friends, it can be a lot easier to talk about what’s really on your mind. If something is going wrong, you’re already friends, so voicing your issues is not as tricky as it might be with someone you’re still just getting to know. As far as communication goes, being buddies first is definitely an advantage.

Communication – Con

When you add sex to an established friendship, it can also be kind of hard not to act like a couple. After spending so much extra time together in bed and figuring out each other’s bodies as well as each other’s personalities, communication comes easier in public as much as it does in private. This can be tricky when it comes to managing each other’s expectations.

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