While we often make fun of the hilarious items, movies and products that are banned in certain countries. However, there are plenty of rather odd products that are banned right here in the good ole’ US of A. Some of these products seem to carry at least a little bit of common sense. These are products that could hurt or at least deeply offend quite a few people if they were allowed. Others are so ridiculous as to engender quite a bit of laughter. Whatever the reason, there are products that have been banned in this country that are likely to raise some eyebrows. Check out our list of 10 products that are shockingly banned in the United States and let us know which one stands out to you.

Shark Fin Soup

There are parts of the country that have outright banned this soup because of the cruelty it represents. In parts of Asia, this soup is hugely popular and leads to sharks being fished like any other fish, except their fins are cut off and then the rest of the body is just discarded.

Mirabelle Plums

Mirabelles are plums that originate in France and have been banned from importation into the United States. The weirdest thing about this ban, is no one seems to have a firm grasp on why.

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