Anyone who spends significant amounts of time watching television – specifically reality television – knows how terrible prison appears for those who end up incarcerated behind bars for the wrongdoing they have done in their lifetime. Believe it or not, there are prisons across the planet that are surprisingly pleasant. They allow televisions in cells, entire libraries full of reading material, and more liberties than some people receive on the outside. Some, however, are dark, dangerous, and worse than any other in the world. Here are ten prisons that range from luxurious, to hell-like.

Halden Prison

Halden Prison, located in Norway, is actually quite a peaceful, relaxing location to spend your time. Prisoners are treated right, they get hot coffee, and every single cell has a private bathroom, a television, and their own mini-fridge.

Kresty Prison

Kresty Prison, located in St. Petersburg, Russia, is dark and scary, plus has way too many prisoners than the walls can support. Each cell is designed for a single inmate, but can sometimes hold up to 20 prisoners at a time.

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