When Prince Rogers Nelson passed away last month, the world mourned a true musical legend. Prince was able to break barriers in the music industry by doing things his way and marching to the beat of his own drum. Many of us are aware of the countless songs and albums Prince provided his fans with. There are, however, some pretty popular songs sung by other artists that were penned by none other than Prince himself. Let’s take a look at some popular songs you didn’t know were written by Prince.

I Feel For You – Chaka Khan

Chaka Khan had a huge hit on her hands back in 1984 with ‘I Feel For You’. Prince wrote and recorded the song five years before giving it to Chaka Khan.

Do Me, Baby – Meli’sa Morgan

Prince originally released ‘Do Me, Baby’ back in 1982. The song however didn’t become a hit until Meli’sa Morgan covered it back in 1986.

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