There have been a lot of natural and man-made disasters in recent news that have devastated the world. A lot of these disasters have left entire areas unusable by man, animal, or nature, and they were abandoned never to be used again. Damage and destruction cause issues when it comes to rebuilding, which is the main reason for the areas being abandoned. The loss of life is simply breathtaking, and it is shocking to believe no one will ever make use of the areas once more. Here are ten notable places completely abandoned following a disaster.

Times Beach, Missouri

For some odd reason, the local government was using a mixture of used engine oil and NEPACCO waste, which is highly hazardous to people. When the the town flooded in 1982, the entire town was awash with the waste, forcing the residents to evict as fast as possible.


In Wittenoom, the dirt from a local mine was used in order to create a beach and build sandpits for the children. Little did the townspeople know, the mine was filled with asbestos, which poisoned the people. Over two thousand died, and the town was abandoned.

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