Just a mere millennium ago, people still had the idea that Earth is the center of the universe and had yet to explore what’s beyond the great oceans. However, with the help of adventurous individuals, including Magellan, Columbus and others, new continents were discovered. The shape of our world was forever changed! Furthermore, once new technology came into existence, especially after the integration of flight travel, people have not stopped exploring and enjoying every single corner of this planet. This begs the question: is there something left to explore? Well, without further adieu, here are 10 of the least explored places on this planet!

The Amazon Rainforest

Currently being the primary point of exploration for many, the Amazon Rainforest is so extremely large, that there are still tribes of people living there who are untouched by modern civilization. The main reason for the unexplored areas in the infamous forest include extreme danger and the fact that it is filled with extremely deadly creatures. Furthermore, a few countries are in a debacle to which part of the Amazon is theirs to take, thus there are a number of different policies on how the area should be treated. Nonetheless, it’s yours to explore!


One of the least populated countries in the world, the least populated in Africa, Namibia is as large as 300,000 square miles. It is also one of the least explored places in the world. This is also the only country in the world to include the protection of the natural world in its constitution, Namibia has extremely strict policies about its land and that it should be kept intact. Thus, a ton of unique places are still unexplored, including the infamous Kalahari desert!

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