Many belief systems lean towards there being an intermediate state in between this world and the next. Sometimes these places that pose between this world and next serve an array of purposes. In some occasions, they serve as a place of judgment or reflection and in others, they are something of a passage or simply a holding area for those with nowhere else to go. We’ve found the ten uttermost weird and somewhat bizarre places that truly could be between this world and the next.

The Bosom Of Abraham

The Gospel of Luke describes a place named the “Bosom of Abraham,” where Jesus told his followers about a deceased beggar named Lazarus resided after death. In most Jewish documents, the Bosom of Abraham is compared to a paradise while Christians are leaning more towards it being a limbo. Apparently, it is the underworld on Earth.

The Rivers Of Death

Several religions have rivers serving as a partition from this world to the next and then they serve as a way to get to the afterlife. One of the most known rivers is called Styx and is named after he goddess whose domain it belongs to.

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