We’ve all been in those situations where we thought we were going to be taking that perfect picture with our friends or loved ones only to find out that something went horribly wrong. Sometimes what ruined the picture is quite a bit more obvious than other times. Then there are the pictures where you’ve really got to look and look and look in order to find what has popped up either in the background or in a certain corner that allows it to remain hidden until someone with a truly keen eye comes along. Check out our list of 10 pictures with shocking things hiding in plain sight and let us know what you think.

Intentional or Hilariously Unintentional?

Sure, that teacher is just pointing to something on the chalkboard. There’s no way the teacher at the German School is giving some sort of a salute.

What Are You Looking At … Ouch!

It took us more than a minute to see just what everyone was staring at. Once our eye found it, we couldn’t stop laughing.

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