Everyone knows that identical twins look the same, follow by regular twins, followed by siblings, and way down the track, people would eventually be able to see similarities between parents and children. Luckily with the invention of the camera, many of these similarities are even more prevalent and are much easier to spot, as people tend to take more and more photographs. This can be seen in the following list, a list that shows two images, one of an individuals parent, and one of themselves, at roughly the same age. You will think you are seeing double, but believe us, these aren’t the same people.

Police Officer

This uncanny resemblance between a young police officer and his son many years later, with both pictures being taken at 20 years of age.

Photo Booth

It looks like this gentleman and his father both took mirrored shots in a mall photo booth, when in reality it is just a similar background, grey-scale photography and many yeas apart — 36 years apart to be exact.

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