There are certain things that seem to happen every single day that are just about as annoying as one could ever expect. These things often feel as though we have absolutely no control over them. We just stand in the middle of the road and watch as the annoyance comes barreling towards us. Sometimes it’s just about thinking something was going to go one way and it goes another. Sometimes it’s about something breaking when it was the last of that type of item. Other times it’s just a sign that the world might be against you today. No matter what the experience, we’ve got 10 photos that perfectly show daily events that always drive us crazy. Let us know how many times these things have happened to you.

Why Does God Hate Us?

There is no sign that the world has lined up against us more than when we get a nice glass of milk and a tasty cookie. Then when we attempt to dip the cookie in the milk, this happens.

Just Throw It Away

Non-stick fry pan? Non-stick? They’re doing this just to mess with us.

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