Being in debt and having numerous legal charges is never the best thing for anyone, but faking your death to get out of them, that’s just ridiculous. It’s crazy finding out that people have actually done this and continue to do it, but in the end it’s never really worked out for them. They always get found by the police and have to face their charges and debts. Check out this list of 10 people who tried to fake their own deaths and failed.

Harry Gordon

One-time multimillionaire businessman Harry Gordon disappeared on a boating trip near Sydney in 2000, he was presumed dead as they had couldn’t find his body. But in 2005 it was found that he had taken a rubber dinghy and hid in Sydney. Gordon remarried in 2005 and after their honeymoon, his first wife decided to call the police to tell them that she had known what had happened to him, she was then arrested and sentenced to five months of house arrest for pretending he was dead. Gordon spent a year in prison, after a year of being out of prison he published a book called “The Harry Gordon Story: How I Faked My Own Death”.

Michael Rosen

In 2010, Michael Rosen was due in court for driving with a suspended license. Instead of going to court as himself, he pretended to be his brother and say that Michael was actually dead, handing a death certificate to the judge. After much investigation, the police found that Rosen had just found a death certificate template online and filled in his own information. He was then arrested, convicted and sentence to three years imprisonment.

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