We all know people who aren’t particularly good at their jobs, but for the most part they’re trying. Then there are the people who not only don’t seem to be trying but appear to be going out of their way to do a bad job. This list is taking into account the people who are truly bad at their jobs to a level that makes us want to scream. These are people who seem to be making sure that the way they do their jobs will ensure we never ask them to do those jobs again. Check out 10 people who failed miserably at their jobs and then let us know if you’ve ever dealt with these kind of people before. If you have, did you suggest to them or their bosses it might be time for them to find a new line of work?

The Person Who Wants To Scare Children

Why in the world would the design for this ball, have the hole for the pump on her eye? Are they trying to give kids nightmares? They’ve succeeded even if that wasn’t the intent.

This Monster

Our OCD is going to go crazy if someone doesn’t get that M&M out of there.

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