For the majority of people on this planet, death is one of the most terrifying aspects of growing old or even stepping out of the confines of your home on a regular basis. A lot of people strive to discover the secret to immortality – whether it be through some type of mystical powers or clean living and medicinal advantages. In the end, though, every single creature and human being on this planet will pass away at their designated time. Here are ten people who were once thought to be completely immortal.

Three Nephites

The tale of the Three Nephites is one of the most religious legends in the world. It is said that these individuals were changed into angels to become completely immortal, surviving long past their due time.


Memnon, an Ethiopian king, is one of the most important African figures throughout Greek mythology. It is said he was killed by Achilles during the battle for Troy. However, before that, it was said the man was an immortal.

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