Parasites, along with small bugs that can crawl inside of your mouth and ears, are some of the most terrifying aspects of nature this world has ever produced. Most people have never experienced a horrifying parasite taking over their body, thankfully. Unfortunately, a lot of people do experience these risks regularly. Impoverished countries are stricken with horrible sicknesses and symptoms of parasitic infections, some of which result in death. Here are ten truly terrifying infections we’re terrified of.


Taeniasis is a form of tapeworm infestation that doesn’t usually come along with any symptoms. The infection is only recognized when the person suffering passes pieces of the tapeworm in their stool. The tapeworm feeds off everything in your system.

Bot Fly Larva

Bot Fly Larva are disgusting, plain and simple. While there is only one species of bot fly that has been known to attack humans, that is one too many. The eggs are deposited directly into the skin, and then they hatch and claw their way out.

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