Almost everything that we rely on today in terms of technology arose from scientific experiments and study. Sometimes scientists were specifically looking to invent a new type of device but in other cases they were simply investigating something else and the technology was just an offshoot of their work. Other times, the research carried out will lead to a new understanding of how the world works. However, there are some scientific studies that seem to simply be crazy rather than worthwhile, like the ones featured in this article.

3D Printed Organs

3D printing technology has been developing at such a rate that researchers have been able to create food, working machines and even buildings out of 3D printers. This has led to scientists in various parts of the world experimenting with the technology to create working organs that could be transplanted into people as there is a distinct shortage of donor organs. These biological 3D printers would be able to produce the necessary living tissue on demand.

Smart Contact Lenses

Several companies, such as Google and Samsung, are currently employing researchers to carry out studies to investigate the development and use of smart contact lenses. These teams hope that the devices will allow images and information to be projected directly into the eye from the lenses or to even monitor medical conditions.

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