People, by nature, are incredibly competitive. Humans have the ability to turn almost anything in a competition against their friends, family, or complete strangers on the other side of the world. Most of these competitions seem to be legit, with plenty of them simply being major league sports. However, a lot of weird, outrageous competitions have begun to arise. Everything from toe wrestling to jumping on the bed have been turned into a competitive sport with teams or singles duking it out. Here are ten of the more outrageous.

World Body Painting Competition

Every single year, in Austria, people gather together to take part and judge the competition that takes place at the World Body Painting Competition. These people take their sport incredibly serious, so don’t pick fun while visiting.

Toe Wrestling

In order to take part in this international competition, you simply need one strong toe to take on the world champions. Yes, there truly are champions and famous individuals within the scene who are known for winning.

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