Natural disasters are a constant occurrence on this planet, and they are the one thing that is completely beyond human control. Of course climate change, which humans do contribute to, plays a significant role in certain natural events, but some of them are just Mother Nature’s way of asserting her power. There is much debate around what constitutes the “worst” natural disaster ever, but this list contains ten different natural disasters that are all terrible in their own unique ways. Destructive and terrifying, natural disasters have a way of reminding us all how small we truly are!

Hurricane Andrew

This hurricane, which took place in 1993, claimed 25 lives, and cost the US government over $26 billion in property damages.

Tohoku Tsunami

Tohoku suffered from a massive earthquake in 2011, which was actually the 7th largest recorded earthquake ever. The earthquake, which measured a 9.0 on the Richter scale, then triggered an awful tsunami that led to the death of approximately 15 million people.

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