Honestly, we’re used to rain, snow, and perhaps the odd bit of hail falling from the sky, which is everything you would normally expect when a storm strikes your hometown. However, some people have witnessed far more bizarre objects falling from the heavens above when the day takes a turn for the worst. Apparently, frogs, spiders, and even blood have fallen from the sky, and that is simply terrifying. Here are ten of the weirdest things falling from the sky, and maybe that umbrella you’ve got in the cupboard can stop more than just rain next time.

Spider Rain

While driving through a small town around 250 miles west of Sao Paulo, Erick Reis discovered that thousands of tiny spiders had been raining from the sky onto his vehicle due to the high winds.

Frog Rain

According to scientists, waterspouts are small tornadoes formed over a body of water, generally small lakes and whatnot, that can easily shoot frogs into the sky and send them raining down.

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