Humans have a strange desire of enshrining people, animals and other seemingly worthy things in statue for centuries. As expected, not all statues are full of meaning. Some are just bizarre and evoke one single question – Why would anyone go through so much trouble in order to make this? Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a mighty good chance there’s a statues somewhere in the world of the exact thing. Even if what you’re looking for is a fountain-statue of a beast devouring children. Check our list of the 10 weirdest statues ever made and we’ll prove it!

“The Travellers Have Arrived”

“The Travellers Have Arrived” is a statue made by by Gilie and Marc and is situated in Sydney, Australia. It features half man, half dog and half rabbit, half woman riding a donkey.

The Man-Pig Statue

You can find this confusing and highly unsettling statue in Haw Par Villa in Singapore.

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