Just like how people come in different shapes and sizes, so do birds. Luckily, humans tend to look generally similar amongst themselves, which doesn’t prove the same when we go from bird to bird. While a common trait is them all having feathers, these creatures can have a huge difference when it comes to body type, head shape, legs, faces, and more. Just how wacky can some of these birds get? From goofy bills to hanging tubes from their neck, here are some of the strangest-looking flappy animals we could find.

White Peacocks

Very similar to standard peacocks, with the exception that nearly all the feathers are snow white. They can be found where most peacocks live, but are extremely rare.

Luzon Bleeding-Heart

The small dove seems to have been shot in the chest with its blood-red spot on the white front body. Conveniently named, that’s just the strange coloring of the bird and it’s only located on Luzon in the Philippines.

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